Connected Technologies, People, and Information

Business Phone - Systems & Service Provider

Business Phone Systems are our specialty. Multiple lines, multiple locations, voicemail, whatever your need.


Central Technologies engages in the design, planning, consulting and installation of specialized security systems, burglar and fire alarms for the protection of personnel and assets.

CCTV - Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems are rapidly becoming a standard measure of threat deterrence.

Audio and Video

Central Technologies designs, provides, and installs integrated audio and video systems for corporations and institutions.

Access Control

Central Technologies recognizes that entry management is extremely important when protecting people and property.

We integrate technologies that bring businesses to a new level of productivity.

Wifi & Cellular Control

REMOTE ACCESS to your systems allow administrators to view cameras, update access privileges, check security status, receive intrusion alerts, and more, all from your smartphone or tablet.
Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Central Technologies specializes in helping to improve: communications, efficiency, safety, security, access, and systems control. From outside cabling to final product installation, training, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.
Video Demonstrations

Video Demonstrations

For easy access to: updates on our newest offerings; common system instructions and tips; demonstrations on product capabilities; and much more, we are building a video library to help keep you informed.
Central Technologies explores technologies and designs with the aim of connecting people to what matters to them most: other people and information. We work towards an understanding of principles that govern the ways in which people interact with each other, organize information, and share knowledge in different environments. We investigate how new technologies, such as cloud computing, multi-device environments, and mobile platforms can enable new user experiences.
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