Access Control

Grant & Restrict Entry

Central Technologies recognizes that managing who accesses your facilities is a critical responsibility when protecting people and property. Access Control Systems promote a sense of safety among residents and employees in your community or workplace.

Is Access Control for you?

If you answer YES to any of the following, you could benefit from Access Control.

  • Is a lost/stolen key an immediate security threat to your business?
  • Is a locksmith rekeying all entrances an expense you’d like to avoid?
  • Do different employees require different access privileges?
  • Would it be beneficial to restrict or allow access based on time or day?
  • Do you need a record of when people enter or leave through a door?
  • Could your employees and clients be more secure?

System Benefits

  • Manage Entry – User, Door, Time, & Day: You decide who can enter your facilities, when they can enter, and what areas they have access to.
  • Lost/Stolen Keys – keys that are lost, stolen, or unreturned by previous employees create a security risk which can be costly to remedy. Access Control Systems easily remove privileges to individuals in seconds.
  • Administrative Changes – Remote Login: Admin personnel can access the system from PC or smart device to grant/terminate access rights.
  • Systems Working Together – Access control linked to other systems can trigger security alarms and CCTV cameras, or contact law enforcement.
  • Professional System Control – You don’t have to be an IT Pro to manage your Access Control. Systems can be professionally controlled by off-site operators making it easy for Administrators to update privileges.
  • Audit Trail – keep record of who enters each door or area and when.

Industry Leading Technologies

Our professional team installs state-of-the-art Access Control Systems that are designed and time tested by industry leaders like:

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Central Technologies in Montana explores technologies and designs with the purpose of connecting people to what matters to them most: other people and information. Networking, Audio/Video, Telephone, Security, Wifi, Cellular, Outside/Inside Plant, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Fiber.
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