CCTV – Video Surveillance

Watch Over Your Investments

Theft, Vandalism, Assault, and other criminal activity can occur anywhere at anytime. You can’t see everything all of the time, but a professionally designed and installed surveillance system can.

  • Custom System Design

Protect People & Assets

  • Threat deterrence: the simple presence of CCTV cameras can effectively deter most criminal activity against people or property.
  • Record & Playback Video: in the event of a violation, business owners and law enforcement can playback footage to identify the guilty party. Video footage can be used as evidence in court cases.
  • Remote Viewing Software: keep an eye on your business and property from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Monitor Daily Activities

  • Training: daily operations footage is an effective training aid.
  • Increase Productivity: employees are more inclined to stay on task when they think they may be watched.
  • Employee Theft: an unfortunate reality and reason for concern.

System Benefits

  • PTZ, Pan Tilt Zoom Technology: remotely control camera zoom and viewing angle.
  • Remote Viewing Software: access system from anywhere using PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • IP Camera: digital camera uses computer network to transfer data.
  • Analog Cameras: traditional system, requires stand-alone cabling.
  • DVR & NVR: Recording devices for playback of video at later time.
  • IR, True Day/Night: use infrared technology to see clearly in the dark.
  • WDR, Wide Dynamic Ratio: clear images even under backlighting.
  • Dome, Box, or Bullet Cameras: custom fit to meet your needs.
  • Professional Monitoring: let the experts do the heavy lifting.
  • Outdoor Cameras: designed to resist extreme temperatures, weather, vandalism, internal condensation, and other outdoor concerns.

Quality Products

We can install most any brand, but we specialize in:

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Central Technologies in Montana explores technologies and designs with the purpose of connecting people to what matters to them most: other people and information. Networking, Audio/Video, Telephone, Security, Wifi, Cellular, Outside/Inside Plant, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Fiber.
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