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Communicate Efficiently

In today’s “Right Now Society” customers demand immediate service. When you increase your communication efficiency you decrease the time needed to make call-backs and lessen the chances of losing customers to your competitors.

How can you save time & customers?

  • Samsung OfficeServ

Would any of these upgrades benefit your company performance?

  • Does your current phone system forward calls to cell phones or voicemails with the press of a button? Can you access voicemails from multiple devices?
  • Can you record customers calls and play them back to resolve complaints or for training purposes?
  • Would it save time if contact numbers saved in Outlook were sent directly to phone with the press of a single button?
  • Do your Sales Staff have both office and cell numbers? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have one number that goes to office when in and cell when out?


System Capabilities

  • Call Forwarding to Cell Phones or Voicemail – Transfer incoming calls to employees at their desk, cell, or voicemail box.
  • Call Recording and Playback – Effective tool for training purposes and disciplinary action.
  • Auto Attendant – intelligent routing & handling of calls, control when & where you take calls. Ideal for mobile workers.
  • Unified Voicemail – Send voicemail & fax directly to email inbox.
  • Contact Center – efficient call routing: callers get to their destination without prolonged transfer. Customized hold music & comfort messages.
  • Historical Call Reports – allow Administrators to track in & out-bound calling patterns to help manage employees. Extract reports to Excel.
  • OfficeServ Operator – “point and click” management of calls: contact info, conference calls, department queues, hold, busy lamp.

Industry Leading Technologies

Products from a world-leader in technologies:

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